Brand You!

Find out how to stay on top of your game and promote your personal brand during virtual networking events.

When you hear the term “elevator pitch,” what comes to mind? For many, you may have first heard that phrase while researching for an interview or maybe you attended a job search session to pick up some tips to add to your repertoire. Take an inventory of your skills and qualifications, craft your pitch and familiarize yourself with it so well, that you can effortlessly and confidently summarize your skills, qualifications and what you or your business has to offer, the next time you want to make an indelible first impression. This pitch can be used in various settings, with one of the most popular settings being at networking events.

However, with the physical and social distancing restrictions in place amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunity to present your skills in person to potential employers or business prospects is practically impossible. You, however still have amazing skills and should still be working on your brand. Whether you are unemployed or considering a career transition, networking will still be a key component of advancing your brand.

With the shift to online sessions for work, school and basically anything else that can be attained in the virtual realm, the adjustment has been easy for some, while challenging for individuals who have natural inhibitions when it comes to socializing in person or online. For the social butterflies, the ability to work the room is removed while sharing the spotlight with the those in the multiple equally sized square windows on the computer screen. This has somewhat levelled the playing field for those who may not have been comfortable networking in person. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, it is important that you stand out for all the right reasons.

To prepare for your virtual session, take advantage of the many features that your smartphone has to offer. Record yourself practising questions and responses and pay close attention to your tone, eye contact and other mannerisms. If you have an upcoming interview, recruit the services of a trusted relative, friend or even a professional interview coach who will conduct a mock interview session and provide valuable feedback.

Make that first impression a lasting one!