Career Transitions

This is the first in a series of interviews with individuals who have had to make adjustments as their careers evolved. The trajectory one’s career follows can shift at any time, no matter how well you planned out your future or how dedicated you are to a particular field or organization.

Downsizing, relocation and family changes are among a myriad of reasons why individuals choose to or have to make career transitions. The coronavirus pandemic has no doubt caused many to seriously consider transitioning their skills to other careers as a result of job losses and facing the stark reality of some jobs and industries becoming obsolete.

Meet Anastassia Thomas, who knows a thing or two about adapting, having successfully transitioned into her current role as an Office Manager at a medical practice.

LIANT: What are some of the positions and industries you have worked in?
I worked in retail for approximately one year. Prior to working in the retail industry, I worked as a Receptionist and Accounts Receivable/Payable Clerk. However, after being at home for two years it was very difficult getting a position in that field and the retail field was just an easy option to re-enter the workforce.

LIANT: What skills from your previous jobs are you using in your current job?
Mostly, soft skills which are easily transferable and vital for roles that have customer service components.

LIANT: Was it difficult to make the transition and how did you prepare?
It was a bit difficult, but in preparation I went back to school and completed a medical administration course.

LIANT: What advice do you have for anyone thinking about a career change?
Research the field that you would like to transition into such as job prospects and salary.  Make sure it’s something you will enjoy doing.

In the current climate and with so many retail jobs lost and many job functions moving online, a large number of people previously employed in retail and other client facing roles in industries such as food service will need to transfer their skills. Job seekers will have to conduct an inventory of their skills, choose suitable careers to pursue and also research retraining opportunities that will aid in the transition.